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Gym and Tonic Hay
18th April 2017update by: Cat Lawford

G&T’s Health Club (est 2002) welcomes Gym savvy visitors as well as our regular members 24/7. You can also pop in for our top quality classes evenings and mornings.

In-House we have cardio machines: 1 Schwinn Airdyne Dual Action Air Cycle, 1 Sprint Treadmill, 1 Jacobs Ladder, 1 Vision Stationary Bike, 1 Spinning Bike1 ‘X’ Bike, 1 Versa Climber, 2 Water Rowers, 1 Life Fitness Cross Trainer & 1 ski simulator.

The weights area has: A multi-gym to 150 Ilbs, 1 x Back Extensor, Free-weights to 20kg, 1 Reverse Hyper, 1 x Leg Press/Hack Squat machine We carry Olympic discs to 160kg with a squat rack 

Equipment carried: steps, pods, battle rope, kettlebells, resistance bands, body bars, The Surge, Circuits ladder, RMT club.

Classes: Freestyle Fitness Yoga, Circuits, Body Blitz, Freestyle Pilates, Athletic Pilates, The BrainFit Workout, Barre Fusion, and Boxing Circuits. Award winning Instructor and Personal Trainer Cat is an expert in Group Classes and especially good at multi levelling all sessions so feel free to drop by – or call first to chat!

Please visit the web site for full timetable and to check availability (home page top left). THANK YOU and see you soon!

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