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Brecon and Hay Recycle
1st January 2013update by: John Crellin
In an effort to preserve its local status and to be able better to respond to the needs of its members, "Brecon and Hay Freecycle" has changed its name to "Brecon and Hay Recycle". The group is no longer affiliated with the American organization The Freecycle Network TM, but is now instead allied with UK-based Freegle

In recent weeks there have been a number of UK Freecycle groups re-naming and re-branding themselves to provide a demonstrably autonomous, localized service to their members. The newly-formed "Freegle Network" of UK recycling and gifting groups will act as a British umbrella organization for the local groups.

This apparent exodus from The Freecycle Network (TFN) was prompted by recent actions taken by TFN against a number of UK Freecycle group owners. These individuals were forced out of their own groups after they refused to hand over control to TFN’s (non-local) interim moderators. This in fact happened last week to the owner of Llandrindod Freegle (formerly Llandrindod Freecycle); she was given only hours to act to save the group. The UK Freecyle (now Freegle) groups’ split from the parent organization has been not unexpected; there has been controversy over the running of TFN for some time. And with the forced removal by TFN of the director of UK Freecycle last week, many groups (Brecon and Hay included) decided to pre-empt any strike from TFN and remove themselves from Freecycle.

The Brecon and Hay Recycle group on Yahoo has over 900 members, and is expanding all the time. Existing members were given the choice to stay with the group or leave at the time of the name change, and the owners and moderators of Brecon and Hay Recycle have been pleased with the members’ responses.

Anyone wishing to join Brecon and Hay Recycle can do so by going HERE and following the instructions shown on the group’s home page.

The organizers and moderators of Brecon and Hay Recycle hope to welcome many more members into the group in the future. So if you have anything you no longer need, please join and give it to someone in the area who can put it to good use! People have previously gifted everything from clothes to pianos to televisions and washing machines, so there’s no end to the treasures!

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